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Legal Malpractice Defense Overview

"Q: Several years ago, I made the decision to drop my malpractice insurance because I had paid premiums for many years without any claims. Yesterday, I received a demand letter from an attorney representing a former client allegin malpractice..."
"Q: My firm is defending an attorney in a legal malpractice action. There are a number of ethical issues raised by the defense...we are looking for someone with an ethics background to co-counsel..."
Legal Malpractice, Fifth Edition

The decision to prosecute a legal malpractice action can be a difficult one because of the complexity of the law on legal malpractice as well as the expense of litigation. If the attorney has coverage, the claim must be tendered. If there is no coverage, the claim must be evaluated, defended or settled. Plaintiff's legal malpractice has become a specialty on to itself. For this reason, and to avoid conflicts, David Cameron Carr limits his practics to defending attorneys, either as co-counsel with insurance defense counsel or as sole counsel for attorneys not defending under coverage, David Cameron Carr provides advice and representation for lawyers regarding legal malpractice claims and litigation.

David Cameron Carr provides experienced counsel and representation at reasonable rates.