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30 Years Experience Devoted Exclusively To Legal Ethics And State Bar Matters

Most of my legal career has focused exclusively on legal ethics and the discipline system, including 12 years working at the State Bar in the discipline system as a staff attorney, discipline prosecutor and manager. Since 2001, I have helped hundreds of California attorneys and bar applicants in my private practice.

State Bar Discipline Defense

I defend lawyers in State Bar matters at all stages, from initial inquiry, investigation and formal discipline proceedings in the State Bar Court and California Supreme Court. The discipline system can be alien and intimidating to the outsider. The discipline process has been referred to as sui generis and is governed by its own particular rules, both written and unwritten.

Legal Ethics Advice And Counsel

I help attorneys stay out of trouble with the State Bar by providing experienced counsel on legal ethics and the law of lawyering. The consequences of even minor discipline can be serious. Ethical issues that might not be a matter of discipline can be costly, such as a disqualification motion, a fee dispute or a malpractice claim. I provide advice on legal ethics, risk management and best practices intended to help lawyers both meet and exceed all regulatory requirements and minimize risk. I assist lawyers with advertising content, fee agreements, conflict disclosures and consents, and drafting other documents related to legal ethics.

State Bar Admissions

I help bar applicants who are facing issues with the Committee of Bar Examiners effectively state their case for admission. The committee's moral character process is opaque and difficult to understand for the uninitiated. It takes its role as gatekeeper to the profession very seriously and may view criminal convictions or academic discipline as serious barriers to admission. I assist applicants in completing the extensive moral character application, responding to inquiries from the State Bar Office of Admissions, preparing for informal conferences with the Committee of Bar Examiners and seeking review of admissions decisions in State Bar Court.

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